ROK7 VR Virtual Reality Headset

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VR Box Virtual Reality 3D Glasses gives you a dynamic virtual view- amazing 3D movie experience wherever you go! These virtual viewer goggles offer a 1000 inch big screen at the distance of 3 meters. Get a cinematic 3D experience when playing videos, movies, or games.

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Feel like you’re in the middle of the action with ROK7 VR 3D Glasses!

ROK7 VR Virtual Reality Glasses include a flexible and adjustable headband that fits most head sizes. The adjustable pupil distance and sight distance provide maximum comfort. You can even wear your prescription glasses with these virtual reality goggles. With the specially designed resin lenses you won’t get dizzy or experience visual fatigue even if worn for long periods of time. Includes 3D Virtual Reality Glasses, Bluetooth Remote Control, and User Manual. Works with iOS and Android smartphones 3.5-6 inches.

  • Compact and light, handsome design
  • High quality 42mm diameter spherical resin lens
  • Customize your optical axis by adjusting position of the spherical resin lens.
  • Fully compatible with all major smart phones 3.5″- 6″
  • A simple slide in mechanism
  • Supports 3D split screen
  • Give you an immersive movie or gaming experience wherever you go
  • Clear and crisp pictures, vibrant colors
  • Flexible, adjustable headband suits most head sizes
  • Soft foam padding for maximum comfort
  • Comes with a Bluetooth remote controller for added convenience



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