Rok7 Tactical Laser


The Rok7 Laser is made with a revolutionary 532nm diode technology, emitting a vivid green beam that cuts through the night sky. Built out of the same NASA-grade aluminum as the Rok7 Tactical Flashlight, the Rok7 Laser comes with a removable end cap to disperse or refine light up to 5000 meters away.

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The zoomable Rok7 Tactical Laser is powered by a single rechargeable battery, promising long-term efficiency with a consistent maximum output.

  • Maximum output power
  • Green beam
  • The Rok7 Laser includes laser, 1 x 18650 battery, and battery charger.

WARNING: The Rok7 Tactical Laser should be handled with caution. Do not shine into eyes and always be aware of where your laser is traveling. Check your local laws which may stipulate possession and use of the Rok7 Tactical Laser.