Emergency Lantern

$49.99 $19.99

This solar-powered lantern is a must have for anyone who never wants to be caught in the dark! With three ways to power this compact lantern, you’ll never have any trouble finding your way, no matter how far you find yourself from civilization. Six super-bright LED’s guide your way while draining remarkably little power. And you can power up again quickly with the built-in solar panel, plug it in, or just pop in three standard 1.5V AA batteries to keep you going long after nightfall. With the built-in USB port, you’ll be able to keep your devices charged as well, for even greater safety and convenience.

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Made from rugged high-end plastic, this unique design is highly break-resistant and easy to carry around from place to place, making it the perfect companion. At this great price, you’ll probably want more than one, for wilderness adventures and to have a spare to keep around the house for emergencies or repairs.

  • Integrated metal handle for portability
  • Ultra-convenient and compact collapsible design
  • Sturdy clear plastic cover replaces glass for safety and durability
  • Recharge anywhere you can find sunlight – even when you’re far from home!