How iPhone Ruined The Digital Camera Market


It’s not always discussed, except amongst digital photography enthusiasts, but smartphones, led by the iPhone, have resulted in a killing of the pocketable small-sensor camera market. And it’s just the beginning!

Once Apple took photography seriously and got professionals and photography buffs to get on board the iPhone train, small cameras were doomed. While some people have always considered them as nothing more than glorified pinhole cameras, there is a general agreement that they produce some pretty amazing images.

While a lot of people don’t think it is likely that smartphone cameras can run large sensor mirrorless and mirrored DSLR out of the market anytime soon, it is advisable not to get a camera if you have a Samsung phone or an iPhone.

The iPhone has seriously disrupted the digital camera business just the same way the digital camera ran the film business out of town when it ditched the disposable camera Polaroid, and eventually all film.

In the digital photography early days, the sensors on the cameras were charged-coupled devices (CCD) and designed for imaging. Then Canon came and popularized the CMOS sensor. Now we are at an age where a miniscule one-third-inch sensor as found on the iPhone 7 produces incredible, fabulous and amazing pictures which both photography and iPhone enthusiasts are excited about!


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