Everyone is Escaping Reality This Year With Virtual Reality



So you want to travel but can’t afford the expenses? Or you want to experience a video game in it’s full glory? Or maybe you need some adventure but don’t want to leave the comfort of your home. Whatever the case, you can now have your cake and eat it too with these amazing virtual reality glasses by ROK7 VR BOX. These virtual reality glasses will allow you to not only escape to your very own virtual reality and watch movies and videos but it also allows you play games with amazing 3D movie experience and become completely immerse yourself into the world of the game, video, or movie.


These virtual reality glasses have an amazing 1000 inch screen from the distance of 3 meters which means that you get to have the best view possible! There is an adjustable, comfortable fitting headband that will keep these glasses nice and snug against your eyes! Another thing that is adjustable is the sight distance and pupil distance which makes these virtual reality goggles the most comfortable they can be. You can even wear your prescription glasses while wearing these goggles so you have nothing stopping you! These goggles won’t cause you to experience any dizziness or virtual reality fatigue even after you have work them for long periods of time! This is because of the specially designed resin lenses.

The sleek looking design of these virtual reality glasses is extremely lightweight and compact which makes them much easier to use. And because these are not overly cumbersome it will not be as much of a chore to walk around with them on or carry them. The lenses are 42mm and you can customize your optical axis by repositioning them! You get such amazingly crisp picture quality while using these goggles that you will feel like you are really inside the movie or game! With these on you can really get the full experience of the game, movie, or video without having to leave the comfort of your own living room.


These virtual reality glasses are compatible with all major smartphones that have are 3.5” to 6”. These glass have a simple slide-in mechanism feature to make set-up easier. This fact makes it a lot easier to work with these since there aren’t a ton of terrible specifications! These goggles support split screen viewing which means that you can see from two separate points of view at one time! What better way to completely immerse yourself in the game? These goggles also come with a bluetooth remote controller for even more convenience while gaming.


Now you can claim them for 80% off retail price, this is an amazing deal. You will get an awesome pair of virtual reality goggles as well as the remote which will result in endless hours of virtual reality fun! Nothing beats being able to escape to an alternate reality at a moment’s notice and you can do that with these goggles! With that in mind, you’d better snap them up while you still can!