6 Cool iOS 10 Features You Didn’t Know Existed



The brand new iOS 10 update is finally here, and with it comes some incredibly innovative features that have got Apple users talking. The major theme of these features is time management, with Apple doing everything possible to make iOS 10 the most time-saving version to date. Here are our picks for the top 6 must-try new features, tips, and tricks to streamline your smartphone user!

iPhone 6 vs 7: Is It Worth The Upgrade?



On the surface, the long-awaited iPhone 7 looks eerily similar to its little brother, the iPhone 6. But is it what’s inside that counts? Apple is pushing the iPhone 7 launch harder than ever and is hyping up its newest product, saying that it far outperforms any other smartphone on the market. The iPhone 6s apparently pales in comparison to the 7, but we wanted to take a closer look, so here is our rundown on 6s vs 7, including specs, features and the all-important cost of upgrading.

iOS 10: Top 5 Problems and How To Fix Them



Apple’s latest iOS update is out and available to the masses, but unfortunately if you’ve updated your phone you may be experiencing some unexpected issues that have been plaguing users worldwide. Apple knew about some of these glitches before it released the update, but others have come from bad code. Either way, we’re breaking down the top 5 iOS 10 problems people have been experiencing and exactly how to fix them.

5 Cool Tricks Your iPhone Can Do



The fact that the average American checks their phone an approximate 8 billion times a day should mean that you know everything about that little device, right? Wrong! There are a ton of really cool tricks and hacks that your iPhone can do that you couldn’t even imagine. You haven’t even scratched the surface of what you can use that little computer for. Ahead we list just a couple of ways to get you started discovering what your phone is truly capable of.

How To Unlock Your iPhone Without Pressing The Home Button In iOS 10



A lot of changes come with the iOS 10 update and most of them are pretty great. However, a lot of iPhone users are up in arms about the fact that they have changed the Touch ID. It used to be that you simply held your finger on the home button in order to unlock your phone but now they have changed it so that you have to press the home button first and then hold your finger over it.

This is supposed to enable you to see your lock screen notifications before your phone unlocks because touch ID has become so fast they thought it was necessary. If you are someone who doesn’t care whether or not you get a chance to see your lock screen notifications or not then this might be tedious to you. There is a simple way to revert it back to the original design and make it a one-step process once again.

Is This iPhone Case Really Anti-Gravity?



Haven’t you ever wished that you could make your phone stand up straight so you could get the perfect outfit-of-the-day? Well now you can with this amazing ROK7 Anti-Gravity Phone Case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. And it doesn’t stop at walls! You can also stick this phone case to mirrors, windows, whiteboards, tile, kitchen cabinets, and most other smooth surfaces.


This means that you can put your phone up and follow a recipe hands-free by putting this up on the kitchen cupboard. Or you could follow along with a makeup tutorial while your phone is stuck to the mirror. You could also set it up on the wall by your bed to make sure that you hear your alarm! The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to this anti-gravity iPhone case!

This case has a washable, micro-suction back that sticks to any flat, smooth surface you want to put it on without being sticky to the touch! This is a great feature because it means that dust, hair, and any little pieces of anything you can think of will not get stuck to the case and in turn it will stay clean for much longer! This iPhone case is super easy to get off of your phone as well as put it back on and is a perfectly snug fit so you won’t have any problems with it sliding around or coming off.


It even protects your phone along with everything else that this amazing anti-gravity case offers. It will prevent any scratching, denting, or wearing that your phone would endure otherwise and it will keep your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus in peak condition! Superior protection and a neat design all in one phone case? What more can you really ask for?

You still have full phone functionality while this case is on you on your iPhone. That  functionality includes the ability to charge your phone, use headphones to make calls or listen to music, and use WiFi, 4G, NFC, Bluetooth, Apple Pay, and GPS. All of this means that nothing is stopping you from keeping this amazing, innovative case on at all times!

These cases come in four different colors which include black and grey, white and black, green and black, and blue and black so there are are a lot of options to choose from. This case has multiple cutouts for headphones, charger, speaker, camera and flash, and the Apple logo which makes this case easy to work with to the point that you forget it is on there.


To top it all off, this anti-gravity iPhone case is such a reasonable price! At 80% off if you purchase today!  With that in mind, you should definitely snap it up while you can because these cases go fast while they are in stock and you don’t want to miss out on this deal!




7th Heaven? Here are 6 Things You Need To Know Before Buying The iPhone 7!



Apple’s long-awaited revamp of their ever-popular iPhone is finally here, but was it worth the wait? As predicted, people are lining up all around the world to buy the “latest and greatest” smartphone without hesitation so we decided to take a closer look to see if it lives up to all the hype. Here are our top 5 iPhone 7 features that you should be aware of before lining up to get your own!

7 Things That Are Killing Your Phone’s Battery Life



If you’re among the millions of SmartPhone users who simply can’t live without their devices, you know the frustration of poor battery life all too well. There’s nothing worse than getting that “Battery Percentage Low” notification, especially if you’re in the middle of Snapchatting a concert or texting a friend to find out what exactly happened last night. Let’s be honest – you practically live on your phone, so with that in mind here are a few things you can do to extend its battery life and avoid that evil little red bar in the top right-hand corner!