6 Cool iOS 10 Features You Didn’t Know Existed



The brand new iOS 10 update is finally here, and with it comes some incredibly innovative features that have got Apple users talking. The major theme of these features is time management, with Apple doing everything possible to make iOS 10 the most time-saving version to date. Here are our picks for the top 6 must-try new features, tips, and tricks to streamline your smartphone user!

This CEO Says Self Driving Cars Will “Own The Road” Soon



In the now very public battle between ride sharing apps Lyft and Uber, stakeholders were shocked to hear that Lyft’s CEO John Zimmer believes that his app will feature self-driving cars by the year 2021.

Zimmer claims that most of his fleet will be autonomous in just 5 years time, and recently revealed his 10 year “third transportation revolution” rollout plan.

If everything goes as planned, Lyft will become an “on-demand network of autonomous vehicles” which mirrors rival company Uber’s plan. Uber has already started testing their driverless vehicles in Pittsburgh. These “driverless” cars still have an operator in the passenger seat as a precautionary measure.

“If you live in San Francisco or Phoenix, you may have seen these cars on the road, and within five years a fully autonomous fleet of cars will provide the majority of Lyft rides across the country,” Zimmer said.

While Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk predicts that society is evolving towards sharing privately owned cars with strangers, Zimmer disagrees. He stated that he believes a new era of commuting is coming and that private vehicle ownership will “all but end” in the coming decades. He compared his theory to the music industry, citing the preference for music sharing and streaming services like Pandora over purchasing CDs.

When asked to describe the user experience in one of his new autonomous vehicles, he equated it to a “bar car” – think couches, TVs and even happy hour? The possibilities are endless according to Zimmer.

This evolution in transportation is set to change the face of commuting as we know it, with cars taking up less space on the roads and traffic jams becoming a thing of the past. Parking lots will be non-existent and all of the space dedicating to vehicles can be repurposed.

Zimmer’s opinion is that all of this space is a waste and that 96% of a car’s life is spent stationary. “In 2011, researchers estimated that there are at least 700 million parking spaces in the US. That means our country has more than 6,000 square miles of parking — bigger than my home state of Connecticut.”

Does Lyft have what it takes to change the face of ridesharing and public transportation as we know it? Will privately owned vehicles be phased out by luxury ride-sharing services? Only time will tell, and we look forward to seeing what takes shape in the next decade.

How iPhone Ruined The Digital Camera Market



It’s not always discussed, except amongst digital photography enthusiasts, but smartphones, led by the iPhone, have resulted in a killing of the pocketable small-sensor camera market. And it’s just the beginning!

Once Apple took photography seriously and got professionals and photography buffs to get on board the iPhone train, small cameras were doomed. While some people have always considered them as nothing more than glorified pinhole cameras, there is a general agreement that they produce some pretty amazing images.

While a lot of people don’t think it is likely that smartphone cameras can run large sensor mirrorless and mirrored DSLR out of the market anytime soon, it is advisable not to get a camera if you have a Samsung phone or an iPhone.

The iPhone has seriously disrupted the digital camera business just the same way the digital camera ran the film business out of town when it ditched the disposable camera Polaroid, and eventually all film.

In the digital photography early days, the sensors on the cameras were charged-coupled devices (CCD) and designed for imaging. Then Canon came and popularized the CMOS sensor. Now we are at an age where a miniscule one-third-inch sensor as found on the iPhone 7 produces incredible, fabulous and amazing pictures which both photography and iPhone enthusiasts are excited about!

The 10 Best Chrome Extensions You Need To Use


Every year, the amount of time people spend browsing the internet continues to rise and Google’s Chrome browser is one of the most popular and comfortable browser. To aid much more easier and interesting use of the chrome browser, Google allows developers to market a growing variety of software extensions that modify your browsing experience.

Here are 10 Chrome extensions you didn’t know about but should be using everyday:


Dark Reader

Chrome’s normal white background can become boring after several months and even years of the same thing. If you need to change up your background to something more edgy then Dark Reader is the answer. It possesses dark themed pages that reduce the blinding, bright lights of the normal chrome background. It is easy on the eyes and has options for you to adjust the settings like fonts, filter etc. to suit your preference. You can even add some webpages to an ignore list where necessary.  

See Dark Reader at Chrome Web Store

iPhone 6 vs 7: Is It Worth The Upgrade?



On the surface, the long-awaited iPhone 7 looks eerily similar to its little brother, the iPhone 6. But is it what’s inside that counts? Apple is pushing the iPhone 7 launch harder than ever and is hyping up its newest product, saying that it far outperforms any other smartphone on the market. The iPhone 6s apparently pales in comparison to the 7, but we wanted to take a closer look, so here is our rundown on 6s vs 7, including specs, features and the all-important cost of upgrading.

iOS 10: Top 5 Problems and How To Fix Them



Apple’s latest iOS update is out and available to the masses, but unfortunately if you’ve updated your phone you may be experiencing some unexpected issues that have been plaguing users worldwide. Apple knew about some of these glitches before it released the update, but others have come from bad code. Either way, we’re breaking down the top 5 iOS 10 problems people have been experiencing and exactly how to fix them.

5 Cool Tricks Your iPhone Can Do



The fact that the average American checks their phone an approximate 8 billion times a day should mean that you know everything about that little device, right? Wrong! There are a ton of really cool tricks and hacks that your iPhone can do that you couldn’t even imagine. You haven’t even scratched the surface of what you can use that little computer for. Ahead we list just a couple of ways to get you started discovering what your phone is truly capable of.

How To Find Out If Someone Is Stealing Your WiFi



When your WiFi is being sluggish it is really easy to assume that there is a bad connection, you are using too much bandwidth, or someone in your family is streaming something. But have you ever wondered if maybe someone is using your WiFi without your permission and slowing it down? Well, luckily for you there is a simple way to find out if that’s true! You can check and make sure that all of the devices connected to your network are devices that you recognized and have authorized. If you have some free time and you’re willing to take some of it to do a little detective work then just keep reading.

How To Get Free WiFi Wherever You Go



In this day and age WiFi is one of those things that many of us don’t go a day without using. Whether we are at home, at work, or on-the-go, WiFi and the internet in general play a huge part in our daily routine. So what do you do when you don’t have your home or work WiFi available. You could always use your data but with rates becoming increasingly expensive this is not a sustainable option. In this article we are going to talk about how to find free WiFi access anywhere.

How To Improve Your WiFi Strength


Stress And Frustration

One of the most frustrating things that can happen when you are trying to relax and browse is a slow internet connection. It can make minutes feels like hours while you are simply waiting for the website that you are looking at to load. It would be awesome if there was some way to snap your fingers and automatically have the webpage loaded but unfortunately that isn’t how it works. However, there are steps you can take to improve the speed and signal strength of your WiFi! Read on for a few easy fixes…